Vintage Videogame SPACE REVENGER - Tronica

20-12-2015 10:08


 photo game7.jpg


I found this electronic handheld game in one of my drawers last week. This was my favourite game back then.

This game was created in the 80s ( before any gameboy or PSP ) by Tronica.

The game has an original design. While most games have a horizontal shape this one is vertical shaped.

There are many vertical shaped ones but most of them are brick/tetris games. 


 photo game6.jpg


The game schenario is kind of a long highway on a different planet. We can see the rocks

on the sides and a saturn type planet on the left.

The enclosure is a mix of plastic and metalic material.

The backside and edges are in dark blue plastic and the top side is in light blue metalic foil.


 photo game5.jpg


Three small buttons can be seen bellow the screen. One is for power on and off

and the other two are for selecting between game A ( normal speed ) and game B ( fast speed ).

Game A is the normal difficulty and game B is harder.

At the bottom there are a couple of fire/start buttons and left and right buttons.


 photo game2.jpg


The user controls a space tank and has the mission to destroy the alien space ships that fly over.

We dont loose if we are unable to hit the aliens. The alien space ships also shoot

back and we only loose if we get hit by them. The score and game type is displayed at the bottom of

the display.

We start with 3 lives and at the beginning of each run we can see the tank flash and the

number of lives is the same as the number of tanks flashing. 


 photo game1.jpg


On the backside we have the battery compartment. To open it we just slide the small battery cover down.

The battery cover was always very hard to open and i’m not sure if this was a normal thing with this model.

The top rectangle has a small text with the name, brand and battery information.


 photo game3.jpg


There is also an indication If the game malfunctions were the solution is to

press the ACL button in the front. For this we need a small tool like a needle or a toothpick.

At a point in time i started to type my score at the back so i could keep track of my best scores.


 photo game8.jpg


Sliding the battery lid we can access the batteries and replace them.

This game uses x2 LR44 button batteries.


 photo game9.jpg


Finally here's a small video of the electronic game running.